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Equal pay for equal work had been the subject of debate, and women were fighting for it in almost everything they had done for many years. This paper will examine some of the causes of wage differential between women and men, as well as the laws that have been introduced to address this issue. The article will also analyze for the reason for the age gap over the years

At present, women and men are paid for the same salary. This is in line with the Equal Pay Act of 1963. There is no strong argument for equal pay for the same work between both ends. It is also clear that men do some work better than women, and in many cases equal to work is not only considered a decive factor (E., 2014.p.1)

Tradimally in American society, a woman had the right to be a guest or a guardian. Even when they said such a stereon-type to perform other tasks, they were given the same opportunity when it came to a specific task. Women must receive equal pay in the same way as men, on the assumption that they are the only suppliers of their families

In 1940, men also fully converted to their families. However, these roles were interrupted after the Second World War, when men were. This has led many women to assume the responsibility of the labour force, and even though many of them have the same responders as men, wages are different. Two factors are taken into account in the termination of wage rates. The labor supply for a particular job is one of the factors

For example, if there are failed workers, payment will be high (Levine, 2004, p. 1). Secondly, the employer, the Government or trade unions may choose wages and salaries for their employees. This is the fact that women are paid low pages and wages in many parts of the world, even though they have the same responsibilities as men. This shows that trade unions have not focused more on women’s responsibilities

Similarly, the number of women is high and can work for a short period of time. Some arguments had also been made against equal pay for women. Single women, for example, should not receive the same pages as men married. It is advanced that the payment of a married woman is an additional one, and it is the base for the woman’s family, on the other hand

For this reason, we can reflect the difference national and national customers of the Far East, because we are convers in Western countries where there are real conditions, such as in the United States of America, as well as in Europe

Britain was one of the first countries to be fully industried around the world from 1733 to 1850. This view of women is based on the UK’s commercial and industrial flag and was based on local discrimination against women. Even so, many women have extended the legend through industry-hardships and can now perform the same duties and responsibilities as their male counterparts

At present, women do not have the option to do what they want or want to do. Therefore, the source of this problem can be traced against the British background (Levine, 2004, p. 45) Women were not supposed to earn money from 1733 to 1914 in the UK. The responsibility for assistance its people in the mil, foundations and fields has been classified as inferior to women

The development of various factories also forced many people to sell in cities. This led to price increments, but the payment for men reed constant, forcing women to work and support their families. Many married women now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now work now now to ensure the economic sustainability of themselves and to promote their standard of living. There is no reason why women should not be given specific jobs and should be paid for their hog, not their sex

It was also quoted out that, in terms of the dollar equivalent to a man, women were entitled to 77 cents. This is not relevant to the fact that women should receive the same amount as men. These figures were even worth for Latin American and African American women, who had in 55 and 64 cents, respectively, for every doll earned by a white man

There are also many reason why women are less than men and how individuals are considered to be terminant for men and women. There have also been many ats to address the issue of inequality. Two schools have thought that can explain the gender issue, including the theory of human capital, mainly focused on the personal characteristics of women and men

Sex segregation is another theory that explains the problem. It addresses the issues of demand and work in which women and men generally work. It also referees to decisions that women make, for example, the obposts faced by women (American Civil Liberties Union, 2014). P. 1)

The theory of human capital also explaines why women early than men. Acceding to Levin (2004, p. 4), women earthless than men because of the division of labour within the family, and this leads to a productivity division between men and women. Family responsibilities are considered to infection women’s decision on the type and amount of investment in education and training. It is also noted that women are more likely to spend less time on the labour force than men, th conversion to lower inter levels

According to the theory, women also invest in less human capital, therapy and early lows compressed to men. The unusualistic history of women’s employment is also another reason for low pages among them. It states that women who are expected to do irregularly in their work often choose a job that can be accepted (, 2014, p. 1).

This shows that women can easily find jobs that do not always match their qualifications. However, the theory does not explain the low sales of women, as well as the differences in the distribution of occupational categories of both sexes. Session segregation is also a problem that explaines the wage gap between women and men. It acceptets the appointment of both women and men in different types of work

Work related to the swarts at work has been reduced to a certain extent, since men have taken on tasks which are considered to be women, for example, social workers, neurses and libraries. In the 1970s, gender segregation was also reducedd, as women and men became neutral

In addition, there has been a signficant increase in the number of women’s occupied positions dominated by men, such as administrative, managerial and professional occupations in 1970. The distribution of jobs between women and men is also consistent low in recent decades. Studies also show that there are measures that have been taken to reduce the pages of women and to empower women to move from one task to another, which reveres the burden on women

This indicates that a woman can accept lower pay to have a flexible schedule. There are various factors that can lead a person to abandon the work associated with the disease of the instance, the need for emotional assistance and participation in various activities. The media, in which women are represented in the media, also have an impact on discrimination in employment. Many people do not want to treat the media with women’s wages, but they play a key role than they can think

The choice of a job is another reason for the age gap.  The American Association of the University has undertaken research and indicators that women make up 78% and 18% respectively. Many women do not want to engage in hazardous work, which in most cases is paid for. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Sitch decisions also infuse many statistical data relating to pay inequality

The problem of pay inequalityis also only reported, and one of the problems for this science is a fine for motherfood. There are others who could be employed in low-paid careers to be able to combine them with parenhood. In addition, the year earth because their children need to make them less product in the workplace

The effect of the glass ciling is another cause of wage differential. This Affectjects that the sex of a person has significant limitations on the type of work in which one person can participate and it becomes extrafficult as a career opportunity. The impact also preagents women from the containing promotions, and such obances exist exist qualificents and achievements

President Obama recently reported that he has two daughters, and he does not want them to earn less than men. He supported Lilli Ledbeton’s law, which tempted to bridge the pay gap between women and men. There had been many attacks to close the pay gap for years and the Equal Pay Act 1963 was one of the actions that required equal pay for both employment in the same institution

Following the adoption of the Act, the US Government established the Equal Opportunities Agency in the United States to make national regulations and rules that make it illegal for the differential of the applications or employees. The Equal Pay Act is a key role in preventing inequality by law

The Fairness Fairness Act was later adopted, which helped workers to ensure equal pay for equal work for all Americans (American Civil Liberties Union, 2014, p. 1). The law may lead to significant changes in legislation, including in accordance with the Act, employees must make wage differences on the threat of factors other than sex, which will increase penalties for employees who wish to make the Act of employees

The wage gap between men and women still exists, even at low rates. However, in the implementation of many acts, men and women are likely to receive equal pay. Women are responsible for the care of their homes and their children in many American families. Even so, the trend is changing because of the large number of opportunities for women in the labour market

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