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Saturday, May 09, 2015.

The number of people living in the same area can be described as population concentration. This applies to the human person and is placed in square kilometres or a square of the unit of area. It is also frequently used for cities, countries, countries and the world. The majority of the world’s cities are cities, metropolis and micro-states

Similarly, population density and noise exert pressure on individuals and in different forms. Time, when a person, short or constant noise, violates the space and field of a natural person, causes the effect of simple irritation to cause a severe disease, which causes anxiety (Straub, 2007).  Therefore, with a continued concentration of the population, there would be an attack on three aspects and appropriate measures should be taken to prevent the psychological effects that might result from population growth

It also helps to check anxiety, violence and frustration. This article deals with three concepts: privacy, confidentiality and territoriality. It also analyses their impact on staff and decisions that can be used

Privacy is known as the “ choice of access control for an individual or group of employees of Altman (1977). It also revolves around itself and applies the same principle to the management of self-borrowing with other people.  New technologies in today’s world have different aspects related to the power of information of others. This is due to a description of the balance and a clear explanation between publicly available and individual information

The level of confidentiality requirements and values differ greatly from one situation to another and from one situation to another in different cultures

Personal space is defined as the physical distance between individuals for the purpose of interpersonal relations. Personal space, combined with territoriality, is seen as a way of protecting confidentiality. Sommer (1969) defines a personal space as a location with unseen borders around the body of a person where intruders can easily intruder

This space, as in the case of privacy, can vary and depends on personal attributes, culture, and situation. Brain development is scientific research that suggests that the creation and harmonization of personal space takes place in the human brain. Further research also shows that, while personal space has dynamic boundaries, it is of great importance and value to humanity

Human territoriality is known as an approach based on authority or control. It also means an attempt to influence, influence, or

The study also suggests that the importance of environmental variables should be emphasized as one of the basic characteristics of the territoriality. As vital resources become scarce, individuals also work to protect their own power and place of residence

Research indicates that population density has a serious impact on the populations of animals and humans. This is a serious problem in determining the psychological impact normally associated with the crowd, as people feel bound and limited when they do not have basic access to supplies (Straub, 2007)

In addition, as a result of the high population growth, there has been an increase in the number of cases of violence, criminal activity, social care and social interaction. In order to reduce the impact on people, confidentiality, respect for territoriality and personal space as an important social issue must be ensured. Reduced resources related to space, privacy and confidentiality require a higher assessment to test psychological effects

People often have less control and more competitors when they lack privacy and confidentiality. This leads to an increase in the tendency for a negative reaction to a slight fury (Straub, 2007)

Perception can be seen as a simple element of population density on the basis of sufficient space, as well as from congestion associated with congestion. When people perceive enough space, they tend to build more trust and commands related to nature, and reduce stress and anxiety

Parks and parks with preserved natural parameters offer a platform for support, as well as a framework for people’s interaction with nature. These interactions offer people the opportunity to develop and create a microclimate that is widely used in urban areas. The natural parameters set up in residential urban areas have improved the idea that people must coexist with nature

Parks and zoos in urban areas also play a critical role in physical activities. Studies confirm that urban dwellers have lower levels of health. Studies have also found that there is a low mortality rate among persons in green zones. This is because spaces are known to reduce stress levels associated with stress, especially in urban environments

In addition, more environmentally friendly areas tend to provide less aggressive and antagonistic behavior, excellent intellectual performance and good interpersonal relationships, as well as improved social interactions between community members (Gidlofgunnarsson & Ohrstrom, 2007)

Shum is known as any type of unnecessary sounds. It ranges from annoying and quiet to harmful and cucumas noise. Chronological noise was analyzed psychologically and found to create a negative impact on the human population (Straub, 2007). It has also been shown that noise from noise also contributes to the cortisol and hypertension cores, and ultimately to stress levels

Contact with chronic levels of noise can cause cardiovascular problems and reduce learning abilities. It is known that the noise prevents staff members from being immediately removed and the ability of a person to perform simple actions is reduced. People have different levels of noise, and the more troubling, the more people find this noise, the more effect they have. Even though noise is directly responsible for sleeping, stress and anxiety disorders, a personal approach to noise has an uncontrolled effect on human health (Straub, 2007)

Installing an additional fabric to cover the walls, windows and use of fabric webs helps to absorb noise from home as noise travels faster on glass than on insulated walls

This means that the sensitivity to the sound is calculated by the presence of an external sound. Presenting a simulated or second natural sound in a house that can block external sounds both in homes and in areas affected by external sources of obtrusive sound

Privacy, territoriality and personal space include personal opinions and preferences regarding the use of space for normal work. In urban settings, limited space leads to anti-social behaviour of members of the community. Thus, noise has a significant negative impact on the population, so it is necessary to take measures to reduce noise in order to reduce the number of problems associated with chronic noise

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